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Member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS)   
Member of The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

Bio and Credits:

American Idol Underground
Winner, Inaugural Classical Competition
November 20, 2005

It’s been 40+ years since Joe first began composing for broadcast TV. Incidental music for a 1981 news special called The Computer/Cable TV Connection on KFMB-TV was the first time Wiedemann had written music specifically for video. A long list (below) of TV music followed, including three Emmy nominations as “Composer/Arranger.” But Joe’s also a video guy, with eight Emmy awards for broadcast journalism.


       Broadcast Music for Pictures CD       


Two Telly Awards for Music Videos, and three Silver AXIEM awards for original scores, Winner of the American Idol Underground Inaugural Classical Competition (11/05), Keyboard Magazine's Unsigned Artist of the Month (09/03), and listed as Best Keyboards in Garage Band's Pop category (08/04). A more complete list of visual music credits can be found below.

Always writing music as kid, and playing with his dad’s 8-mm home movie film camera in Gary, Indiana, music and video just seemed to go together. Wendy Carlos’s epic electronics masterpiece album Switched on Bach was always a huge influence, and Joe was itching to take it to the next level with original synth music.

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He double-majored at the University of Evansville in Music and Radio/TV/Film. From there, the broadcasting career took off, and Joe’s PolyMoog synthesizer was like a laboratory of new sounds. A couple of cassette decks made overdubbing possible in the days before MIDI. The composing continued, and music technology was finally catching up with Joe’s dream of being a one-person orchestra.



Element of Risk CD: Electronic Orchestra  CD: Electro-Acoustic Orchestra 
 CD: Bulls & Bears  Agitate CD, by Orchestronics  Album - Painted Variations
Keyboard Orchestra Album  My Chill Space Album  Aesthetic Piano Album

Colors of Orchestronics Album


By 1999, it finally happened! Bulls & Bears was his first album release. It was 11 tracks of semi-classical, “How would a synth sound with an orchestra?” experimentation. It even had a Concerto for Piano and Electronic Orchestra. At the time, synths were mainly an electronica/EDM thing, and just then breaking into film music. But, the classical edge that Wendy Carlos started was still in need of a follow up.


As music technology got better, the experimentation continued. The videos and albums continued, including 2 symphonies and 2 more concertos. As a visual artist, Joe produces music videos for his original scores, such as Evolve, Element of Risk, Dreamcycles, Affections, Synth Concerto #1, and Electronic Symphony #1.



So, Joe continues to invent new and newer orchestrations every day. Now on album #6 Painted Variations, the Orchestronics project lives on.

Original works have been premiered by ensembles including the Kyiv Philharmonic, Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Cal Poly MIDI Ensemble.


Joe studied music under: Dr. Donald Colton, David Wright, R. Douglas Reed, Edwin Lacy, Paul Dove, Shirley Snethen, Robert Rapp, Dennis Sheppard, Joe Moffatt and Terry Felus.

Here's a list of some music and video credits:


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Electronic Orchestra (Orchestronics 101)

Keyboard Orchestra

Colors of Orchestronics
Aesthetic Piano
My Chill Space
Painted Variations
Element of Risk

Electro-Acoustic Orchestra
Bulls & Bears
Electronic Orchestra


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