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Agitate Album by Orchestronics

Agitate offers all new, original compositions, instead of electronic emulations of classical standards.  This is NOT electronic dance music.  These are modern classical pieces for professional, community and university orchestras and soloists.    


1. Agitate.  Have you ever met someone who just enjoys stirring things up?  Status quo is simply not an option.  This all-acoustic piece features every section of the orchestra.  When you work one nerve, the others follow.  Perhaps a premonition of what's to come, once the foundation is jostled, the structure above may never be the same.

Synth Concerto #2
2. I. Andante con moto.  As with any concerto, the mighty orchestra owns the stage.  To earn respect, the soloist (pianist, violinist, oboist, or synthesist) must first "play along."  One must steady the boat, before rocking it.  In the first movement, the keyboard synthesist establishes a rapport with a well respected collection of acoustic players, adding new timbres to familiar sounds.  Establishing trust, the soloist builds a foundation on which to build.

3. II. Andante Cantabile.  Thanks to film and theatre, the orchestra has been able to "push our buttons" with many well established techniques.  In this slow and passionate 2nd mov't, the synthesizer is given the opportunity to add new elements to the orchestra's emotional platform.  When it comes to triggering emotions, a sad violin, sexy oboe, or authoritative brass section always have their way.  But ephemeral electronic sounds and moving crescendos heighten the mood, by adding new emotional elements.

     4. III. Allegro.  After showing respect for the historic orchestra, by being a team player, the synthesist is now free to take the lead.  Instead of going into some wacky electronic tirade though, the synthesizer maintains the same timbre/patch throughout (like any other soloist).  In a truly classical style, the 3rd mov't showcases keyboard virtuosity, rather than chameleon tendencies.  The statement made here is that the electronic instrument can add to the timeless ensemble, without distracting or overshadowing.  Perhaps someday, a new chair or new section will perform regularly onstage, with the masters of classical music.

5. Incompatibility Issues.   As many of our daily activities are taken over by the computer, a host of issues arise, and inevitably lead to trouble.  Everything starts off hunky-dory. Then, in an abruptly new key, things spiral downward, taking a turn for the worse.  A series of annoying error messages add stress and confusion, making progress difficult. Constantly hitting brick walls, frustration builds.  Just as suddenly, and without explanation, things seem to right themselves with a tidy 3-part fugue, as if all components being working together again in harmony. This builds to a reprise of the "all-is-well" theme, until a brief reminder of trouble ends this episode.

Listen to "Incompatibility Issues" ExcerptIncompatibilityIssues;Kiev Philharmonic (Full)

6.  It's Just a Phase.  Life has many phases: birth, toddler-bliss, learning the ropes, graduation, early rat-race, unexpected call to maturity, loss, rebuilding, experience and wisdom, failing health, and legacy. Just to name a few.  It's often said that our basic personality forms at a very early age, and carries us through life's challenges intact, like a recurring theme.  Hold on, and follow the metamorphosis.

American Idol Underground
Winner, Inaugural Classical Competition
November 20, 2005

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