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Element of Risk  
Cover photo: Cindy Brandom

Track 1:
Element of Risk


It  begins and ends in "comfort zones," but the activity in-between can be exciting, unsettling and exhilarating. Virtually everything we do contains an Element of Risk. From the moment we groggily step out of bed, we confront uncertainties in our physical environment, from the weather we encounter, people on different emotional channels, traffic, employment challenges, physical dangers, and any number of unexpected occurrences. You don't have to be a thrill-seeker to be threatened by life-altering choices. Everyone loves their comfort zone. But, even after settling in at home, it’s usually necessary to leave again for parts unknown. It can be challenging, frightening, unsettling and confusing. But, returning safely is always the end game.

Each piece of instrumental music tells a story without words. More than melodies and refrains, classical and new classical music takes you on a journey of unexpected turns and experiences. Sometimes exhausting, but always fulfilling.

Full-length audio stream above.

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Track 2:

Evolve   (for orchestra and electronics)
Lots of things Evolve: history, landscapes, relationships, ...your entire life! Even the size, shape and character of the the universe is constantly changing. It's all a work in progress, with Mother Nature leaving nothing stationary. The music itself Evolves from chaos to beauty.

This video explains it all!!  

 Track 3:
Adagio Rubato
For chamber orchestra PLUS string quartet. (You can also just breakout 1st chair players.) Designed to maximize the acoustic stereo effects of any venue by separating the quartet and other players from the larger ensemble, to highlight the call-and-answer passages. A simple and enchanting melody, Adagio Rubato also offers a modern sound with a synthesizer part that brings the room alive with higher highs, and lower lows.


Track 4:
Rain  (for orchestra and electronics)
follows the full natural cycle from ocean evaporation, to clouds, lightning & thunder, droplets, waterfalls , streams and delta flows. Water is a chameleon that takes on many shapes and forms. This music chronicles the amazing transformations and drama.  Read the Story Behind "Rain"

Turn on your HD settings, and follow along with the orchestra score above.

Track 5:

Slightly Distracted

 A solo piano piece, for multi-tasking younger people with relatively short attention spans. Nothing boring here. After an initial search for direction, and a few tangent paths, focus returns to the task at hand, and much has been accomplished in a short time.


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