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While studying music at university, I was fortunate to play a Bösendorfer Imperial Grand. I fell in love immediately with the soft romantic tones and effortless key action. I was told the Imperial is a “sweet” piano, instead of the usual “bright,” that we often see in concert halls. So, when I discovered a sampled Imperial Grand, I was compelled to give it its due with an entire album of soft piano pieces.

Aesthetic Piano is an effort to show how beautiful the piano can be in its own simplicity. Even without complex runs and passages, the piano touches the heart with as little as one or two notes at a time. It can be a quiet, intimate, one-on-one experience. The titles of each of these tracks are meant to be less descriptive than inspiring. The listener is free to ignore them altogether, and find whatever images comes to mind during that personal connection with such a sweet piano. The tempo of each piece is intentionally slow, giving the opportunity to savor each note and harmony.

Save some or all of them to your playlists for a relaxing, de-stress routine. Available on all major platforms. Just click on your favorite icon above.

I hope you enjoy!
-Joe Wiedemann


Aesthetic Piano Album Back Cover



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My talents as a concert pianist are somewhat limited. But the star of these recordings is the sound of the piano. So here is a score for musicians of all skill levels. Sheet music for many other Orchestronics works, can be found at Wiedemann Music Publishing.

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Produced by: Joe Wiedemann (ASCAP)
Wiedemann Music Publishing
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