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Bulls & Bears
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Orchestronics Bulls and BearsBulls & Bears CD

The Tracks    

Electronic Classical Music Orchestra1. Bulls & Bears (11:56) Large, small & mid-caps all have their moment. Fast-moving electronic high-techs drive the opening session. But, like most rallies, this one hits a speed bump of concern. Small cap solos & duets take on an occasional international flair, until the reliable blue chip orchestrals regain momentum. Again, the techs march in classic step toward a broad-based record close.

Modern Classical Music2. Affections (5:50) Romantic composers such as Liszt and Chopin have always struck a balance between a fast-moving background and a softly flowing melody. This creates the illusion of moving quickly and slowly at the same time. When moved by affections, one's heart beats fast, though actions are slow and smooth.

Electronic Orchestra Classical Music3. Alien Dance (3:12) Electronic sounds and effects have always been Hollywood's signature for sci-fi. A piano plays dance partner in this rhythmic fantasy.

Electronic Orchestra Music4. Good News (3:25) All the feel-good sounds come together when welcome news brightens one's life. Things always seem brighter at Christmas.

Modern Classical Music5. Carny (5:25) Life in the center ring is always in 4:4 time. Outside the ring, it may be in 3:4, or even 11:8, slightly out-of-step. Never too happy; never too sad... always proud and ready for a spotlight.

Contemporary Classical Music6. Autumn Night Breeze (4:24) Like a persistent ocean breeze, ebbing and flowing, rising and falling. Echoing voices howl through the trees. Each cresting wave marks a new waterline in the sand. No one knows how strong the next wind, or how big the next wave will be.

Classical Equity7. Classical Equity (3:28) The classical sounds can always stir emotion. Decades of film scores have set the standard for triggering our mood swings. Take stock in that fact.

Listen to Free Classical Music8. Two at a Time, Please! (2:55) A series of electro-orchestral duets eventually breaks into a free-for-all. This two-part invention can't remain so for long.

Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Electronic Orchestra:

Piano Concerto for Electronic Orchestra9. Determinato (8:41) 1st Movement. Tell the string section to go home. Here the piano goes it alone with an array of electronic instruments. At times, it's hard to tell if it's a feud or a fugue. Both sides of the aisle are extremely playful.

Piano Concerto for Electronic Orchestra10. Eleganza (9:43) 2nd Movement. Usually the most boring and neglected movement of any concerto is the 2nd. The variety here is like a romance novel with twists and turns at every page.


Piano Concerto for Electronic Orchestra11. Vivo (7:19) 3rd Movement. It's a race to the finish!

Total Running Time 66:10  

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