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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is a clip?
A clip is a portion of a newscast, usually one story within a newscast. It may be an in-studio interview, a live report from a remote location, or an edited story.  When the newscasters stop talking about that topic, that's the end of the clip.  If they come back to that story later in the newscast, or in a later newscast, that's a new clip. If one clip exceeds 10-mins, extra charges may apply.

2.  What info do I need before I order?
We need to know the topic, date, station, and time that the clip aired on television.  Any other info, like who was interviewed, when and where the clip was shot, and any keywords that may have been used in the story may be helpful.  If you find the story on the station's website, the date and time stamp may only indicate when the info was posted on the website, but may not tell us when the story aired.  We make our own recordings, and do not pull video from the station's website. Research that involves scanning multiple newscasts, or searching for individual shots, may be subject to a research fee.

3.  What is an eClip?
An "eClip" is a digital computer file such as MPG or MP4.  It is the fastest way to get your video.  Once we edit and convert the news story you order into one of the above formats, we send you a link that allows you to download it directly to your computer.  eClips are intended for viewing on computers, not dvd players.

4.  Which format should I order?
Windows computers prefer MPG's, Apple products prefer MP4's.

5.  Can I get it in HD?
We only provide Standard Definition material. The technology isn't quite there to archive and copy many hours of HD broadcasts. Here's a very good article that explains why:

6.  How can I place an order?
The best way is to communicate with a live person.  Every order is different, and there are usually many questions.  Call the number at the top of the page, or email your info, and we will contact you.

7.  Can I get the footage the station didn't air?
Television stations don't normally release this video, and we have no access to it.

8.  Can I make copies of these tapes and discs?
We do not put any copy-guard technology on clips, but the material is protected by the TV stations' copyright.  Copies obtained from The Video Company are for personal use.  Extra copies are available at a reduced rate.

9.  Can I use the video on my website or YouTube?
We are authorized to provide you the video, but not advise you on how to use it.

10.  How far back do you keep newscasts?
Most newscasts are kept in our library for at least one year from the date that they aired.  However, our extended archive is growing rapidly.  Besides daily newscasts, we keep special coverage and memorable events for many years.

11.  Can I get a refund, if it's not the right clip?
If you don't get the clip you asked for, we will of course replace it with the right clip.  If you get the clip you ordered, but it's not what you thought it was, or what someone else told you they saw, then it is not our responsibility to provide a refund.  Edited files are custom-made products, and extra charges may apply to re-do them.

12.  What if it won't play in my equipment?
As we all know, there are many types of computer issues that sometimes slow us down. We use standard video formats that work well with most desktop video players. Because the file size of a news clip is usually too large for a cell phone, it may be best to upload it somewhere, and view it by clicking on a link. By far, the best free video player program we've found is: VLC Media player






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